​How Much Does Therapy Cost In The UK?

​FAQs: Counselling Costs

​Private counsellors in the UK generally charge anywhere from £40-£150+ per session of counselling.

A session normally can last anywhere from 45-90 minutes, depending on specifics, with the average lasting around 50 minutes.

Concessionary rates are sometimes available, for students, the unemployed, or those on reduced income, depending on the individual counsellor.


Costs of private counselling vary depending on multiple factors:

​- Location
- Duration & frequency of session(s)
- Therapist qualifications/specialism/experience
- Individual .v. Group therapy
- Desired outcome of therapeutic work

​Initial Free Session

Some private counsellors offer an initial free session, or initial free phone consultation, to help you decide if counselling is right for you. This can also help you decide if you and your therapist are a good match, before proceeding in earnest.

Your ​Feelings Matter. We Can Help:

​Private Counselling .v. NHS

​The main advantages of engaging in private counselling, is ease and speed of access, and confidentiality. With private therapy you have the freedom to work with the counsellor directly to determine the number of sessions and what you work on together.

​Private Therapy
  • ​Ease and speed of access to begin counselling sessions quickly and at a near by location
  • ​Freedom to work with the counsellor directly on any number of issues, as agreed between you
  • ​Flexibility of weekend or evening appointments
  • ​Working directly with a counsellor with some specialism or specific experience in the issues you're seeking help for.
    ​The flexibility to change therapists (at least initially) - if you don't feel like a good match
  • ​Assured confidentiality

​Why Is Private Therapy So Expensive?

​Private counsellors have to exceed certain educational and training levels, before being allowed to work with the public.

This normally involves comprehensive coursework and practice, costing many thousands of pounds over many years, as well as ongoing costs to maintain the Continuing Professional Development requirements, on an ongoing basis.

Like any business, private counsellors must also pay for:

  • ​Rental of premises including utilities etc
  • ​Qualification fees, memberships of regulated associations, boards, etc as required by the relevant​ regulatory body
  • ​Additional educational materials, books, and courses to maintain a knowledge base that is up-to-date.
  • ​Business insurances including liability cover
  • ​Accounting & legal compliance and advice
  • ​Regular running costs for business sundries, such as stationery, travel, marketing, phone, internet, etc

​Other Options

​It's possible to access reduced cost counselling services across many UK cities, with a little creative research.

  • ​Religious or charitable organisations often offer counselling services at reduced rates, or on a donation-only basis.
  • ​Counselling training organisations may provide reduced cost services as a means for their trainees to access sufficient client sessions required for qualifications.
  • ​Regional or national helplines are also available for mental health support, such as Anxiety UK (03444 775 774), Bipolar UK (bipolaruk.org.uk), Breathing Space (Scotland) 0800 83 85 87, Samaritans (116 123), CALM (0800 58 58 58). Although these can't be considered a long term solution, they can be useful to obtain short term help, until enough time or resource is available to put more structured support in place.
  • ​Or, you can simply ask your GP for a referral for local NHS counselling support. The issues here are usually timescales and specialism of the therapist.

​For Smaller Budgets

​Of course, none of these replace the convenience, confidentiality, and speed of access to therapy that private treatment can provide, but ​can help where budgets are tight​.

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Our counsellors adhere to the BACP code of ethics and practice.

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