Counselling For Men & Male Issues

It’s often more difficult for men to open up emotionally in counselling, for a number of reasons.

Sometimes there’s a social stigma males face when needing help – that seeking counselling somehow goes against the traditional strong male archetype, or that seeking help for emotional issues is somehow a demonstration of weakness.

Counselling Help For Men

Other times, it may be cultural influences that frown upon men seeking help for mental health issues.

But, rather than a sign of weakness, males seeking emotional help can be seen as a demonstration of strength, and a willingness to work through tough issues, that most would rather simply avoid, and allow to fester.

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Counselling For Men - Issues

Some of the issues men often approach us for help with, include:

  • Depression
  • Anger issues or anger management
  • Relationship issues, such as communicating better, avoiding arguments, and having healthier relationships (see our couple counselling service page)
  • Sexual issues such as libido, infidelity, or gay/bisexual/transgender feelings or confusion
  • Addiction, e.g. alcohol, drugs, gambling, pornography
  • Confidence or self-esteem connected to male issues
  • Work
  • Identity confusion - or put simply - how to be a man, in today's world

Male Identity

Being A Man Today

In our experience, with shifting cultural expectations, many men find it increasingly difficult to know how to be themselves, believing, in some way, that the only way to be acceptable, is to hide their real feelings, and embody a more socially acceptable persona.

Losing The Male Sense Of Self

And in doing so, lose themselves - in a way sacrificing their identity - and become more vulnerable to addiction, or other mental health issues, in the process.

Counselling Can Help Men:

  • Reconnect with their authentic self, and realign behaviours and thinking with this
  • Experience greater insight into male issues in relationships, communication, and sex
  • Understand the present, and how the past led to this point
  • Move forward from counselling with confidence, and a redefined sense of self

Or, it may be that you’re seeking help with the more common emotional issues such as anger, anxiety, or depression, and would simply prefer to work with a male counsellor.

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What You Should Know - Male Counsellors

Naturally, when enquiring about male counselling, we’ll try to match you with an appropriate and available male counsellor.

However, if availability or other factors dictate, we may offer you sessions with a female counsellor.

Please let us know of any preferences re therapist, when you call. Thank you.

Our counsellors adhere to the BACP code of ethics and practice.

Counselling For Men:
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