Counselling For Women & Female Issues

All women experience emotional difficulty at times, and it’s natural to reach out for help.

We offer a talk therapy counselling service for women, aged 18 or over, with a female counsellor, that provides a safe space for you to explore the life issues causing you greatest concern.

We offer female counselling for a variety of mental health concerns such as:

Counselling For Female-Specific Issues

We can also counsel women who have experienced, or are at high risk of:

-    Domestic violence
-    Sexual abuse
-    Forced marriage
-    … or other more specific female issues (please ask when calling).

We understand that seeking counselling help can be overwhelming, and how important it is to find the right therapist, who you feel is a match.

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Helping women via counselling, means helping you arrive at different (better) ways of coping, feeling and interpreting, the events of life, through talk therapy, in a safe and confidential setting.


Sometimes simply sharing, and discussing thoughts and feelings in a protected environment, can foster new perspectives, and better understandings of your inner world.

Emotional Breathing Space

Hearing that inner voice, and arriving at – sometimes profound – insights about yourself, needs time, and effort, away from the triggers around you in daily life.

We all need that space to emotionally breathe sometimes.

Over time, our hope is that you’re able to achieve new insights on your life presently, and how life in the past, influenced your present.

Even one small understanding of this nature, can help prevent a mistake from the past being repeated – which otherwise would have gone unnoticed.

Counselling Can Help:

  • See the events of the past in a new light, and make better decisions accordingly
  • Connect the dots between the repeating patterns in your life, that affect you as a woman
  • Equip you with better coping skills for the present
  • (If required) - connect you with further female-specific support and resources for the long term, depending on your needs.

What You Should Know

In our practice generally, we do offer counselling to both males and females, so unfortunately, we cannot guarantee you will not be in contact with any males during your visit.

It may also be possible, that at your time of calling, appointments with a female therapist are full, or unavailable. At such times we may offer you therapy with a male counsellor, however there is of course no obligation to proceed on this basis.

Alternatively, we may offer you a future date when counselling with a female therapist may be available.


Naturally, all counselling for women we offer is confidential.

There are only a very few, more extreme situations, where this does not apply, and if you have concerns about this, please so ask in advance and we’ll be happy to discuss.

We can also discuss more fully at our first session together.

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How To Book For Counselling

Ring us direct on 0191 580 3700, or contact us and we’ll speak with you, in confidence, at a convenient time.

Our counsellors adhere to the BACP code of ethics and practice.

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