Therapy For Couples & Marriage Issues

It’s easy to find yourself lost in the ongoing dynamic of a relationship or marriage, unsure how problems are happening, or why.

And in the heat of the moment, it’s easy to point to your partner as the one to blame – but how much responsibility is yours .v. theirs?

And is blaming anyone really the answer?

Counselling help is available, to navigate the complexities of your relationship, and get things back on track.

Our relationship and marriage counselling service can help help married, pre-married, or otherwise attached couples, of all genders, and all sexual orientations.

Counselling Help For Couples

Couples often come to us seeking help to:

- Overcome feelings of being "stuck" in a relationship
- Recover from an affair/infidelity
- Reduce arguments, and the cycle of conflict
- Improve their relationship following the arrival of a new baby
- Regain lost intimacy
- Forgive past hurts in the relationship

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Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

Of course, change comes from within, and engaging in relationship therapy means gaining greater insights into yourself, as well as your joint partnership.

The couples and marriage counselling room is the safest space there is, to explore the issues relevant to your joint healing. This can often look closer at:

  • Your own emotional mindset, beliefs, and thinking around relationships
  • Why each of you entered into this relationship initially
  • Each of your patterns of communication in the relationship or marriage, and how they help or hinder
  • The history of your relationship as a couple and how you arrived at this point

How Does Relationship Counselling Help

  • Reach clarity on what the relationship communication difficulties are
  • Express your perception of the issues you face in the relationship
  • Increase your understanding of why these issues occur, and how to deal with them effectively, both practically and emotionally

Counselling - In Confidence

Your counsellor is not here to judge you or your relationship - they take no viewpoint on any events.

But instead, they take an impartial viewpoint, to help you understand your partner better, and reach a different perspective on the issues you face – usually not possible alone.

Is Couples Therapy Right For You?

At your initial session, together we can agree what you both want to get out of counselling, and how the sessions will work.

We may discuss options of individual sessions, for each of you, during the course of our work together.

Take the first step to help - contact us for a free initial consult on 0191 580 3700.

See our main page on counselling help in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Our counsellors adhere to the BACP code of ethics and practice.

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