About Truth Counselling Newcastle

Sometimes we all need a safe and confidential space in which to share and gain understanding, on the issues we face in life.

If you need counselling support, we may be able to help.


We offer a private, confidential, one-to-one counselling service in central Newcastle, open to self-funding patients, over the age of 18.

Our counsellors are fully trained and compliant with BACP code of ethics and practice.

For non-private counselling, try mind.org.uk or connect with your local Mental Health Team, via your GP.

Counselling Can Help

Counselling is a safe and confidential environment where you can discuss feelings and thoughts you would not otherwise share.

Your counsellor won’t judge what you tell them, and they won’t tell you what to do.

Counselling aims to help you identify new perspectives, and ways of thinking, that open up choices for you to take different action, or to feel differently about life.

Insurance Work/Employee Schemes

Some of our counsellors may be able to accommodate insurance work, or sessions paid for by an employer. See our Costs page, or please ask when calling.

Counselling Locations Newcastle

Since our counsellors work from different locations in central Newcastle, it’s easiest to discuss the most convenient location and counsellor for you personally, when calling.

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Session Timing & Duration

Sessions are usually available Weekdays 9am-9pm, and some counsellors also work Saturdays, depending on specifics. A session lasts 50 minutes.

First Session

Your counsellor will individualise their approach to you.

Your first session together is usually used to orient yourselves, and the way forward.

It shouldn’t be considered a counselling session as such, but more of a planning session.

You’ll agree what the focus of your sessions will be, whether the work will be short or longer term, and any particular goals you’re seeking to get out of treatment.

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Our counsellors adhere to the BACP code of ethics and practice.

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