Counselling For Fear & Panic Issues

Feeling a strong fear or anxiety response to an event can feel overbearing... overwhelming even.

Anxiety or fear is usually a conditioned response, as opposed to a belief or value we hold.

It’s typically a response to a perceived threat to our survival, or importantly, something that has become conditioned to produce fear.

Anxiety & Fear Response

There’s usually just two possible sources that fear is a response to:

1) Something in the environment, that we
*perceive* is a threat to our survival

2) Something in the environment, that has
become conditioned to produce fear

That’s it.

We like to keep it simple :)

Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety symptoms vary between individuals, but perhaps you suffer from:

  • Sweating palms, face, or chest
  • Increased heart-rate, or altered breathing rate
  • Racing thoughts
  • Changes in blood pressure
  • A desire to escape, or run away
Your Anxiety Matters. We Can Help:

Panic Attacks

Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are a more extreme form of anxiety, condensed into an acute sudden onset of multiple symptoms like those above.

This tends to be a more physically and emotionally debilitating episode of anxiety.

Typical symptoms include breathing difficulty, feeling faint or dizzy, disorientation, weak limbs, and emotionally - a sense of impending danger or disaster perhaps.

Help For Anxiety

The good news is, that counselling help is available for anxiety, to assist you to understand why it’s affecting you like this, and what to do about it.

We’ll help you make sense of:

  • Why you're experiencing this anxiety response
  • What the perceived threat is, that you're responding to
  • How to change your perception, and reaction, to this perceived threat, so that you no longer feel fear or anxiety (or at least... a vastly diminished response).

Many times, simply understanding the source of the anxiety better, in itself, can reduce your distress around it greatly.

How Does Anxiety Counselling Help

We’ll achieve all this via a range of techniques, in most cases, that are personalised to your needs, and how you experience anxiety personally.

This could be anything from visualisation, specific therapies like CBT or REBT, to meditation, guided imagery, transformational vocabulary, collapsing associations, stacking positive ones, or other interventions to suit the situation.

From Anxiety Treatment, You Should Leave With...

  1. A greater understanding of the anxiety itself (and thus greater control and power over it)
  2. Greater self-awareness of triggers, conditionings, and associations, attached to how you experience anxiety
  3. Emotional progress on the underlying issues that the anxiety is pointing us toward
  4. Greater confidence to tackle the issues in life, which anxiety previously held you back from.

Of course, let’s be realistic - all of this does not happen overnight, and it will take your bravery and courage to ask for help, and to be open and honest with us, throughout the process.

Anxiety counselling can typically last anywhere from 3-6 sessions, and sometimes longer, depending on the specifics of your case.

Our anxiety counsellors can listen to your needs and explain the best options for you personally.

Contact us direct for more information.

Our counsellors adhere to the BACP code of ethics and practice.

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