​Counselling For ​Grief & Bereavement

​Whether you are grieving the loss of a child, parent, or other loved one, the pain is all too real.

We can ​grieve the loss also, of ​a job, habit, or even a pet project in life.

Counselling for bereavement issues can help you make sense of the loss, and move on with life.

Of course, we all process loss differently – commonly there is an emptiness, ​sadness, depression, and in some cases, even guilt.

Grief and emotions from bereavement are often something we try to run away from or try to deny. Working through these feelings takes time.

​Bereavement & Grief - Symptoms

​As we go through daily life, our mind cannot help but notice the elements in our surroundings that are missing the person who has left us.

Sometimes, some part of us may feel partly responsible for the loss, in some way.

We pick these aspects up without thinking consciously. It’s natural to have strong emotional reactions, given the circumstances.

These symptoms of grief are certainly common, but they are not necessarily the ‘truth’ about the loss, or about you.

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How can counselling help?

  • ​Maybe you need help to start the grieving process – to remind yourself that it’s actually ok to grieve – it’s not a sign of weakness, but a natural reaction.
  • ​Perhaps you need to understand the greater picture, and in some ways, the natural part that death plays, in life. By coming to terms with this, counselling can help you forgive yourself, of any undue responsibility, you may have been carrying.
  • ​Or, it’s possibly one element of the loss, or an individual’s life, that you need help to make sense of, before the loss can be released.

More than anything you need help at this time, to make sense of the loss, to put it in perspective with the rest of life, to understand your place within and without it.

And on our own – it’s simply not possible (usually) to get the perspective you need.

​Grief Counselling

​Grief counselling for loss can help you begin to move past the loss, in multiple ways, and can include:

​Grief Counselling

​-    Journalling or lettering to someone who has passed, to help resolve difficult issues

-    Learning to identify and accept the positives in loss, which are not immediately obvious.

-    Recognising the positive attributes in your relationship with someone who has passed, and using these in a positive way, to shape key elements of your life, in the future.

Not all of the above will apply for every individual processing loss, but in all cases, appropriate counselling insights for your circumstances will help you get perspective, and begin to move on, no matter how dark things currently seem.

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​Bereavement & Grief Manifest In Different Ways

​Sometimes the grief is not about a person, but something else you’ve lost, e.g. a relationship, a job, a way of life.

No matter how obscure our loss, we need to honour the process of grieving, and bereavement, to move through it in a functional, healthy way.

Many say that when grieving, we learn to live around a loss, never quite living with it, but instead, living around it.

The challenge is to adapt our lives to live with the loss, and adjust our perspective and outlook, for the long term.

​Like any trauma in life, we need to process grief fully, and adapt.

Counselling can help you move *through* loss – not around it, over it, or under it. But to live a full life, beyond loss, in earnest.

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​Our counsellors adhere to the BACP code of ethics and practice.

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